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Using new technology for turntablist

- In 2007, I had the opportunity to do an exchange as part of my studies, at the University of Concordia. I looked at the class available to you, I made a mix between, electronic for artist, art history, video art and MAX / MSP / Jitter. The latter allowed me to make the first machine reading an MP3 with turntables (like a Traktor software or Serato in another way than with discs and especially to be able to draw with turntables such as an etch-scratch or a Telecran (Etch-a-sketch for DJ scratching).


- Installation of a HARDWARE device around my turntables. I took small motors which I arranged thanks to a flexible arm of desk lamp on each of the turntables. These motors then sent their data to a microcontroller connected to my MAX / MSP program.


- Design of a prototype for a mediation of the project, to then make a piece of furniture which allows to draw and print the drawing almost live, in order to create a work instantly. This idea will later become a digital plotter by turning a 3D printer into a 2D plotter (Pen, marker, brush on paper, canvas and other support).

This brings up the question of the trace, the work and the art market through technical reproduction.

The demonstration will then take the form of performance and interactive installation.

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