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Firstly, all the questions arise from a mental and bodily sensation when I was listening to music. The turntables came in my mind when I saw the movie "La Haine" (1995) one year later with the scene with Cutkiller and his scratch. 

Then how to associate scratch with visual art without repeating what was done ? This was my primary concern at a time when the internet was not really developed. 

In 2004, I created a machine that could show my gestures from scratch for learning and analyzing. This machine was composed of LED, photosensitive paper, and a pulley mechanism. This creates at last a sinusoïde that could represent my exact gesture up and down on a timeline on this photographic paper.

In 2007, I discovered Max/MSP/Jitter and Arduino with maxuino. I created my own virtual DJ player with one motor on each turntables that allow playing vinyl (normal mode) and MP3 (max msp) in real-time. Here begins a big story (click on the button...)

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